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‘Ghost’ Object Appears-Disappears on Titan




Resonaances on the recently published 353 GHz polarized map from Planck’s intermediate results.


BICEP2 experiment announced the detection of a significant amount of the primordial tensor mode polarization in the CMB power spectrum. Résonaances and Sesh Nadathur on the topic.


A post from the Quanta Magazine of the Simons Foundation, Case for Dark Matter Signal Strengthens. But please keep in mind The Rise and Fall of Supersymmetry (an old post from Ethan Siegel).



L’ombelico di Titano



Europa Erupts! Possible Geyser of Water Seen on Jupiter’s Moon

So just the presence of water under Europa’s surface is exciting. But life also needs energy, and it needs raw materials. The fact that these geysers exist shows that plenty of energy is being pumped into the moon; it takes substantial power to blast water that high off the surface. It also indicates the surface and the ocean underneath interact with each other, which means raw material for life are available. Jupiter’s fierce magnetic field produces radiation, which reacts with molecules on the surface of Europa to create simple organic compounds

(bad astronomy)



…from new limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron.


…from LUX.


A Super Ball Bot for Titan



Motl fa il troll nei commenti all’ultimo post di Aaronson (in cui scimmiottava l’hype di cui dicevo qualche giorno fa), atteggiandosi a primadonna in quanto fisico teorico; non sapendo — oppure, sì, per contestare — quel che pensa Aaronson del rapporto fra Computational complexity theory e mondo reale:

“computer science” is a bit of a misnomer; maybe it should be called “quantitative epistemology”.



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