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Nessun intento didascalico sulla maggior efficacia della proprietà privata nel salvataggio di specie in via d’estinzione, solo un’altra epopea ecologica senza morale dell’orologiaio miope, in cui, fra gli altri, compare anche lui:


Take global poverty. In 1990, the UN announced Millennium Development Goals, the first of which was to halve the number of people in extreme poverty by 2015. It emerged this year that the target was met in 2008. Yet the achievement did not merit an official announcement, presumably because it was not achieved by any government scheme but by the pace of global capitalism. Buying cheap plastic toys made in China really is helping to make poverty history. And global inequality? This, too, is lower now than any point in modern times. Globalisation means the world’s not just getting richer, but fairer too.

The doom-mongers will tell you that we cannot sustain worldwide economic growth without ruining our environment. But while the rich world’s economies grew by 6 per cent over the last seven years, fossil fuel consumption in those countries fell by 4 per cent. This remarkable (and, again, unreported) achievement has nothing to do with green taxes or wind farms. It is down to consumer demand for more efficient cars and factories.

And what about the concerns that the oil would run out? Ministers have spent years thinking of improbable new power sources. As it turns out, engineers in America have found new ways of mining fossil fuel. The amazing breakthroughs in ‘fracking’ technology mean that, in spite of the world’s escalating population — from one billion to seven billion over the last two centuries — we live in an age of energy abundance.

Advances in medicine and technology mean that people across the world are living longer. The average life expectancy in Africa reached 55 this year. Ten years ago, it was 50. The number of people dying from Aids has been in decline for the last eight years. Deaths from malaria have fallen by a fifth in half a decade.

(The Spectator, via Quintarelli, enfasi mia)

Dopo La riconquista dell’America, ecco una nuova puntata de L’orologiaio miope: La riconquista dell’Australia: saghe di radiazioni adattive, adattamenti, convergenze ed estinzioni fra gli ordini dei mammiferi: placentati, marsupiali, monotremata e financo gli estinti multitubercolati.

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