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Un mese fa chiudevano Silk Road.
Questo è l’effetto sul valore del bitcoin:
Qualche giorno fa, in Canada, hanno aperto il primo “bancomat” per bitcoin.
Nel frattempo la FED continua a versare liquidità.











…from LUX.


A Super Ball Bot for Titan



Motl fa il troll nei commenti all’ultimo post di Aaronson (in cui scimmiottava l’hype di cui dicevo qualche giorno fa), atteggiandosi a primadonna in quanto fisico teorico; non sapendo — oppure, sì, per contestare — quel che pensa Aaronson del rapporto fra Computational complexity theory e mondo reale:

“computer science” is a bit of a misnomer; maybe it should be called “quantitative epistemology”.



Un titolo troppo ad effetto, A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics, ma una fonte ragionevolmente affidabile, Simons Foundation: com’è che nessuno ne parla?
Per fortuna l’articolo del Quanta Magazine è stato ripreso da slashdot in maniera abbastanza esagerata da spingere Peter “Not Even Wrong” Woit a dire due parole sulla questione.


Both today, on the Optics Picture of the Day and on Bad Astronomy.


in the comments section of the last post on Strassler’s blog 



Let’s say we figure out “what has driven real wage growth” using empirical methods. After estimating our coefficients with backfitting, we can forecast future wage growth using our calibrated model. Bam! It predicts extraordinarily well, given the crude quality of our data collection.
OK great. Now: Does anybody think we have discovered a true economic law in the same way that physicists think that there are actual laws governing the behavior of matter?
I hope not. No matter how much “experience has confirmed” an empirical regularity in the social sciences, people still have free will (at least operationally, if we’re doing a social science rather than looking at them as collections of atoms) and so those forecasting models could go out the window tomorrow.
In contrast, if I logically deduce that, “The purchasing power of money will be lower, other things equal, when the stock of money increases,” then that is a genuine law of economics. If you allow me to define the terms etc. in such a way that that proposition is true today, then it will necessarily be true for all time and all cultures.

Bob Murphy






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